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CLS Certificate - Certified Lubrication Specialist

The internationally recognized certificate „Certified Lubrication Specialist“ is highly valued in the industry. It shows the difference between a credible and certified expert and a self-declared expert.

This certificate is an internationally renowned, independent certificate for lubrication experts worldwide. It stands for above average knowledge in tribology, broad basic knowledge about lubrication interrelations and at the same time profound proficiency in the correct usage of lubricants.

As the first institution worldwide, the Society of Tribologists and Lubricating Engineers (STLE) which got established in 1944 in the USA invented an examination procedure already more than 10 years ago that allows to test the knowledge about lubrication. Currently, only about 1.310 engineers in the whole world are "Certified Lubrication Specialists". The owner of this certificate shows that he succeeded in presenting his detailed lubrication and lubricants knowledge in the difficult exam.  

What does CLS mean?

A "Certified Lubrication Specialist" is a person that wants to take over the position "Lubrication Engineer" in its Company or industry sector. The Job description for a CLS can include the following elements. In addition, also further functions that belong to the area tribology are part of the CLS certificate.

The Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS)

  • Selects the lubricants that are required for the operation of lubricated components in a site, machine or motor.
  • Is responsible for the grade classification, i.e. he/she names products with neutral specifications and provides a list of products of producers that are suitable.
  • Determines intervals for lubricant checks, oil renewals, regrease intervals or required filter changes
  • Supports the lubricant purchase department in regards to the selection of possible suppliers. Names products on the basis of the same specification that could be used as substitute
  • Specifies lubricants and defines procedures for the selection of lubricants, the purchase and installation of new equipment or machines
  • Trains staff that is reponsible for the lubrication. Develops working plans for routine lubrication maintenance tasks
  • Selects the appropriate lubrication procedures (central or loss lubrication), modifies already existing relubrication procedures
  • Elaborates internal quality standards for lubricants and lubrication procedures
  • Establishes a used oil analysis program and monitors the analysis results
  • Monitors the collection, reconditioning or disposal of used oil in relation to oil changes
  • Pays attention to economic and ecologic aspects in regards to the period of use of lubricants
  • Ensures that less possible lubricant types are in stock
  • Is responsible for the labeling of lubricants for their areas of application
  • Clarifies, in regards to damages and problems, possible lubricant related mistakes and eliminates the cause
  • Supports the sales staff of lubricants, filter and lubrication device producers

The STLE certification program

The value of STLE certificates, like the CLS, is indisputable in English speaking countries. Persons that passed the exam successfully gained more respect and credibility and quite often they also increased their wages in relation to their lubrication related profession. The STLE certificates are always up-to-date as they are only valid for three years. After three years they can be prolonged for another three years if certain requirments can be fulfilled.

These certificates fulfill the requirements in relation to the EN ISO 17024 for certification. By passing an internationally accredited and recognized certificate on the basis of the European norm EN ISO 17024it is proofed that the person has acquired a standardized qualification profile and therefore has profound theoretical and practical knowledge in the current job market in its profession, i.e. here in the area of tribology and lubrication.

The "Certified Lubrication Specialist" (CLS) is an independent examination for a lubrication specialist which documents a broad technical lubrication knowledge. It acknowledges the person a broad basic knowledge about lubrication technical relations and at the same time about the right usage of lubricants and the importance of lubricants in the industry. 


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