CLS Certification Course "Lubrication for experts"

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Perfect preparation for the certification exam "Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS)" 

What is special about this Training?

Considerably more relevant content and coverage than classical "Lubrication Training"

  • Intense preparation for the certification exam "Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS)" of the American Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE).
  • Ideal exam training with realistic mock questions and guidance via a CLS certified engineer.
  • Comprehensive presentation of the area of lubrication, starting with technical applications, lubrication techniques over to oil condition monitoring and oil maintenance.
  • Your trainer Rüdiger Krethe is an internationally recognized and certified speaker who is familiar through his daily routine and more than 25 years experience with mechanical engineering topics and lubricants
  • Especially useful to refresh your knowledge and stay up-to-date in the world of lubrication

Included in the price:

  • Participation in the training
  • Hot lunch at all days 
  • Coffee/Tea and sweet and savoury snacks during the dreaks
  • Non-alcoholic beverages during the training
  • Training documents (printed and on a USB Flash drive)
  • Certificate of participation

The CLS-Exam

The participation in the official CLS-Exam is optional.
You do not need to take the exam if you take part in the training. 

The exam takes place at the venue on the Friday directly on the next day after the training. The exam starts at 9.00 am and has a duration of 3 hours. Please note that the exam is executed directly by the STLE which is completely independent from us. Also the proctor is not from us.

Therefor, if you would like to take part in the exam, you have to register yourself at least 2 weeks in advance to the exam at the STLE. Here you can register yourself for the CLS-Exam.

CLS-Exam Fees* (not included in the training course fee!!!):
$405 USD for STLE-Members
$540 USD for Non-STLE-Members

* Fees are set directly by the STLE and may differ.

Targets of the Certification Preparation Training

  • Acquirement of a broad consolidated knowledge about lubricants and their correct application with a Focus on Technology - Lubricant - Environment
  • Transfer of the latest expert knowledge tailored to the participants in discussions with experienced OilDoc engineers.
  • Get-to-know or update knowledge about:

    • Structure, selection and usage of lubricants
    • Functional principle and lubrication demands of important technical machines, devices and machine elements from industrial and automotive areas of application
    • Procurement, storage and handling
    • Lubrication procedures
    • Oil condition Monitoring and oil maintenance
    • Implementation of effective lubrication programs

Target Group

  • Skilled employees, managers and executives working in the field of service and maintenance
  • Technical and sales consultants of lubricant producers and their distribution partners
  • Technical purchasers for lubricants and operating fluids
  • Skilled employees working in construction, service and distribution of machine and component producers
  • Appraisors and surveyors for damage analysis and machine malfunction
  • Skilled employees, managers and executives from oil maintenance, oil condition monitoring and other areas of application  who want to extent or update their knowledge about the usage and application of lubricants

Training contents

Fundamentals of Lubrication

  • Friction and lubricating fi lm generation (hydrodynamics, hydrostatics, EHD)
  • Wear, wear mechanism and wear mode
  • Viscosity and Viscosity-Temperature behavior

Fundamentals of Lubricants

  • Base oils: mineral oils and synthetic base stocks and their application area
  • Additives: Types, working principle, application
  • Greases: Composition, Thickener types, selection criteria
  • Key properties, compatibility


  • Plain bearings versus rolling bearings
  • Oil and grease lubrication
  • Basic selection criteria, Standards, specifications
  • Re-lubrication

Industrial gearboxes

  • Types of gears and their specifi c lubrication requirements
  • Key properties of gear oils
  • Standardized oil types, selection criteria OEM specifications
  • Typical wear modes in gears


  • Principle: Pascal’s law, hydrostatic pressure
  • Typical elements of a hydraulic circuit
  • Key properties of hydraulic fluids
  • Fluid types, standards and OEM spec’s
  • Selection criteria
  • Environmental acceptable and fi re resistant fluids


  • Turbine types and lubrication requirements: Steam, gas, combined cycle and water turbines
  • Bearing and gearbox lubrication, hydraulic control system
  • Key properties, standards, OEM specifications
  • Selection criteria


  • Types of compressors, lubrication requirements
  • Air, gas and refrigeration compressors
  • Key properties
  • Standardized oil types, OEM specification
  • Selection criteria

Combustion engines

  • Gasoline, Diesel- and gas engines
  • Functions and key properties of engine oils
  • Neutral classifi cation systems and OEM specifications
  • Selection criteria

Gear boxes for transportation

  • Types, application area, lubrication requirements
  • Manual and automatic transmissions, axle and final drives
  • Special driveline designs for earthmoving and agriculture machines
  • Neutral and OEM specifications

Lubricants and fluid in the production area

  • Water based and water-free metal working fl uids: key properties, monitoring
  • Cleaner: Types and application areas
  • Corrosion protection: Types, selection criteria

Special applications

  • Transformer oils: function, key properties, types
  • Heat transfer fluids: Types, selection criteria
  • Lubrication of slide ways, chains, wire ropes

Contamination Control

  • Types of contaminants
  • Oil filtration: key properties of a fi lter element, selection criteria
  • Main stream and by-pass filtration
  • Operational filtration and start-up filtration


  • Types, designs and their application
  • Static and dynamic seals
  • Oil and sealing material: Compatibility
  • Maintenance tasks

Oil Analysis

  • Oil Analysis concepts for of new and in-service fluids
  • Test methods, scope of analysis by application and oil type
  • Sampling and sample identification
  • Lab reports, online tools

Storage and Handling

  • Oil storage: Requirements, organization
  • Product identification, labeling, tracking
  • Tools and system solutions
  • Waste disposal

Lubrication devices and systems

  • Lubrication of bearings, gears and other systems
  • Circulating systems, lost lubrication systems
  • Centralized Lubrication Systems, Direct lubrication systems
  • Lubrication plans and programs, problem solving
  • Lubrication plans and number of lubricants: Sustainability
  • Oil consumption management, oil drain intervals and oil drain techniques
  • Compatibility studies
  • Problem solving strategies

CLS exam

The participation in the official CLS exam is optional.

It takes place on a Friday directly after the prepartion course from 9.00h - noon in the rooms of the venue.

The CLS exam is held by the STLE. We only provide the rooms for the exam.

If you want to take part in the CLS exam you have register your self at least two weeks before the exam online: Register for the CLS exam by STLE.

CLS exam fees are not included in the certification preparation course! 

For further information about the CLS certificate please click here

Your trainer:
Rüdiger Krethe, Dipl.-Ing.

OilDoc GmbH –
General manager

As certified trainer Rüdiger Krethe presents professional training courses about tribology, lubricants, lubrication, condition monitoring and oil analysis for more than 25 years. He is a “Certified Lubrication Specialist” (CLS) of STLE, “Machine Lubricant Analyst II” (MLA II) and "Machinery Lubrication Engineer" (MLE) of ICML.

5% discount for more than 3 registrations

Services included:

  • Participation in training
  • Hot lunch on all days
  • Coffee/tea and snacks during breaks
  • Non-alcoholic beverages during training
  • Detailed training material, printed and on USB Memory stick
  • Certificate of participation
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