Control and maintain oils for refrigerators

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Power training (1 day) Previous knowledge required
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Power training

No matter if in cold storage houses, air-conditioned vehicles or houses or in process engineering in laboratories: refrigerating machines are a part of our everyday life. DIN 51503 regulates not only the minimum requirements for refrigerator oils (Part 1) but also the Monitoring process during operation (Part 2). A continous monitoring of refrigerator oils is essential for a reliable and economical operation of cooling units.

In this practical-oriented 1-day power training the principles and particularities of the operation and monitoring of refrigerating machines will be explained. You receive important Information about the selection, handling, storing and monitoring of refrigerator oils. Through the usage of many examples, the transferred knowledge will be demonstrated and therefore be transferrable directly to your day-to-day routine.

Target group

  • Skilled employees and executives working in the field of maintenance for refrigerating machines
  • Customer service and Service technicians of plant producers and their service partners
  • Technical employees working in construction, service and distribution
  • Distribution engineers and salesmen of lubricant Producers and their distribution partners
  • Technical buyers for lubricants and operating fluids
  • Authorized experts for refrigerating units
  • Technically interested employees who want to extend their knowledge in the areas lubrication techniques and tribology


  • Illustration and deepen possibilities of a professional Monitoring of regrigerating machines and their importance for a reliable function of machines and plants
  • Acquire basic knowledge about refrigerating machines in a holistic focus on "Technic - Fluid - Analytic"
  • Get to know and apply professional methods of oil analysis to monitor and maintain cooling units, refrigerating oils and quality control
  • On the participants tailored transfer of current expert knowledge in discussions with experienced OELCHECK engineers
  • Get to know and/or update knowledge about
    • Setup, selection and Operation of refigerating oils
    • Selection of appropriate methods for oil monitoring
    • Principles for professional interpretation of analysis results

Power training (1 day)

Lubrication of refrigerating units

  • Tasks and requirements of lubricants
  • Important characteristics and parameters
  • Guidelines for oil selection

Refrigerating oils in use

  • Application-specific strain and oil ageing
  • Oxidation, hydrolysis and cracking processes
  • Contamination: water and refrigerant
  • Methods and devices for sampling

Interpretation of oil analysis lab reports 

  • General procedure
  • Limit values and trend monitoring
  • Consideration of oil types and application
  • Examples of different areas of application
  • Examples from the OELCHECK-database (group work)
  • Discussion of results

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