Control and maintain heat transfer fluids

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Heat carrier plants must be monitored. To control these plants, at least once per year an examination of the heat carrier medium has to be done (also called "heart carrier oils", "thermal oil" or "heat transfer oil"). This is mandatory in accordance to the DIN 51529 „Test and evaluation of used heat carrier mediums".

In our 1-day power training at the OilDoc academy you learn everything about the specialities of heat carrier mediums in detail. You receive valuable information about selcetion, handling, storage and monitoring of heat transfer fluids which you can integrate into your daily work immediately.

Target group

  • Skilled employees and executives working in maintenance and service for heat transfer plants (also known as "thermal oil plants", "heat oil plants" or "heat transfer oil heating systems")
  • Technical and sales consultants of producers of heat transfer fluids and their distribution partners
  • Technical buyers of lubricants and operating fluids
  • Skilled employees working in service and distribution of producers of heat transfer plants
  • Authorized experts for failure analysis and machine breakidowns
  • Skilled employees and executives workin in oil care, oil monitoring and other areas to extend or update their application-technical knowledge about heat transfer fluids or oil analysis


  • Demonstrate and deepen the possibilities of a professional Monitoring of heat carrier fluids and their relevance for a reliable operation and safety of machines and plants
  • Acquisition of a broad basic knowledge about heat transfer fluids an their applications in the holistic Focus "technique-fluid-analytic"
  • Get to know and apply professional methods of oil analysis to monitor and maintain plants, heat transfer carriers and qulity control
  • A to the participants adopted transfer of current expert knowledge in discussion with experienced OELCHECK engineers
  • Acquire or update knowledge about
    o Setup, selection and areas of application or organic heat carriers
    o Acquisition, storage and handlingBeschaffung, Lagerung und Handling
    o Application-oriented selection of methods for oil monitoring
    o Principles of professional interpretation of oil analysis results

Power training

Heat transfer fluids

  • Tasks and requirements
  • Characteristics of new heat carriers and their relevance
  • DIN- and ISO-Norms
  • Types of heat carriers and their areas of application

Heat transfer fluids in use

  • Typical ageing values in dependence of the oil type and application
  • Legal and normative regulations
  • Correct sampling and shipping
  • Typical examination range: relevance and explanatory power of single characteristic values
  • Differences of mineral and synthetic heat carriers 

Interpretation of lab report results

  • General proceedings
  • Limit values and trend oberservation
  • Consideration of oil types and application
  • Examples of different areas of application e.g. chemical industry, power plant and fuel technology, paper industry, wood-, plastics- & textile- & manufacturing, production of Herstellung von composites
  • Interpretation of examples form the OELCHECK database (group work)
  • Discussion of results

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