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The maintenance, monitoring and lubrication of marine diesel engines on board of modern ocean-going vessels are a complex and work-intense tasks which require deep expert knowledge. 2-stroke and 4-stroke marine diesel engines require different lubricants due to other internal structures. Also different types of fuels (HFO, diesel or gas) have a significant influence on the condition of the lubricants. Also current environmental regulations have to be considered carefully when selecting a lubricant. These regulations even started an increasing trend towards the usage of marine gas engines which are operated either completely with gas, dual fuel or by pilot injection. Marine Gas Engines require again, another lubricant to run smoothly. To avoid problems even before they occur, regularly monitoring with the help of oil analysis of either diesel or gas engines is the key. 

By attending this 90-minute practical oriented online-training, you will develop a understanding about the lubrication of marine diesel engines. You will learn about the different requirements of lubricants depending on the internal construction of the engine as well as the type and quality of the fuel used, always under the umbrella of the current IMO regulations. 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, but also the differences of auxiliary drives and power generators are discussed. In the 2-stroke range, mutual influences of system oil and cylinder oil are explained and in the area of 4-stroke engines also the trend towards marine gas engines is considered. To transfer the theory into reality, through the usage of concrete examples during the training, afterwards, you will be aware of the necessity and different possibilities of engine monitoring through professional oil analysis and how you can benefit from it. 

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The series is repeated at regular intervals. So you can always enter new or catch up on individual modules, if you get an appointment inconvenient.


90-minutes online training

  • Structure of diesel engines
  • Structural differences of 2- and 4-stroke engines
  • Different requirements of lubricants
  • Influence of system and cylinder oil
  • Trend towards marine gas engines
  • Examples of oil analysis for marine engines

Preconditions for the OilDoc Online-Training

All you need is ...

  • a broadband internet connection.
  • a current Internet-Browser with a Flash Player.
  • a headset or speakers.
  • 1 hour of your precious time.


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  • Presentation as PDF
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