Deal-breaker Oil cleanliness: How clean my oil must really be?

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Oil cleanliness: How clean my oil must really be?
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Contamination in lubricating and hydraulic oils is one of the most frequent causes of sudden component failures, increased wear and a significantly shortened service life.

When it comes to the question of what oil cleanliness is required, the opinions of machine manufacturers, oil suppliers, service specialists in oil care or maintenance often differ widely. The one-hour online training provides the answer to why this is so and presents a pragmatic approach to establishing the oil cleanliness requirements on a solid and practical basis.

A series of practical examples from various fields of application demonstrates how the measured cleanliness classes in laboratory reports are evaluated in a proper and practice-oriented manner.

  • Clarification of the term "oil cleanliness"
  • Cleanliness requirements & classes
  • Useful limit values in practice
  • Different methods for measuring cleanliness classes

Preconditions for the OilDoc Online-Training

All you need is ...

  • a broadband internet connection.
  • a current Internet-Browser with a Flash Player.
  • a headset or speakers.
  • 1 hour of your precious time.


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  • Participation in Online-Training
  • Recording of Online-Training
  • Presentation as PDF
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