Hydraulic Oil Monitoring

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Module 1 - Parameters for the most important alteration in hydraulic oils
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Module 2 - Monitoring of gear oils - Part I: Industrial applications
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Module 3 - Monitoring of hydraulic oils - Part II: Mobile applications
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Online-training with 3 modules

Hydraulics are used in any kind of industry. Their reliable and economic operation is a part of the productivity and availability of machines and plants. Hydraulic fluids are the core of hydraulics. The components of hydraulics have to cope with continously increasing torques and requirements. A periodical analysis of hydraulic fluids is a great possibility to recognize irregularities at early stages and to extend therefore the life time of the oil and plants Unregelmäßigkeiten rechtzeitig zu erkennen und damit die Lebensdauer des Öles und gleichzeitig der Anlage zu erhöhen. 

In our Online-Training-Series you learn which special parameters have to be monitored next to the "classical parameters"; what is their meaning and how can valuable recommendations be made through these measurements.

Target group

  • Skilled employees and executives working in serive and maintenace
  • Engineers and service technicians of hydraulics
  • Technical staff working in construction, service and distribution
  • Distribution engineers and sales people of lubricant producers and their distribution partners
  • Technical buyers of lubricants and haydraulic- and operational fluids
  • Application engineers working in mobile labs, on-site condition monitoring and fluid management
  • Authorized experts for failure analysis and machine breakdown
  • Technically interested employees who want to extend their knowledge in the areas lubrication techniques and tribology

Easy to attend!

All you need is a broadband internet connection, a current Internet Browser with Flash Player, a headset / speakers for your laptop, PC or tablet and one hour time. Take part in our online-training - no matter where you are! The Adobe Connect App is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry tablets, for free.

Every module is a separate learning entity and can be booked separately.

If you book at least 3 modules at once you receive a discount of 5%.

The series is repeated at regular intervals. You can always enter or catch up on individual modules, if an appointment is inconvenient for you.


Parameters for the most important alteration in hydraulic oils

  • How hydraulic oils alter during their usage
  • Cause and effect of oil ageing 
  • Mineral oils versus synthetic oils: variations in oil ageing and monitoring
  • Characteristic values for professional monitoring of hydraulic oils
  • Selection of analysis range - the right method mix for my application

Monitoring of hydraulic oils
Part I: Industrial applications

  • Professional interpretation of lab report results
  • Absolut limit values and trend evaluation
  • Recognition of typical Patterns
  • Special characteristics of hardly inflammable fluids/oils
  • Examples from different areas of application
  • e.g. wind power, plastics, industrie, transformation

Monitoring of hydraulic oils 
Part II: Mobile applications 

  • Specific oil ageing in dependency of oil and gear type
  • Specific characteristics of environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids
  • Professional handling of absolute limit values
  • Recognition of patterns
  • Examples of mobile applications 
  • e.g. construction machines, farming vehicles and equipment, other vehicles

Preconditions for the OilDoc Online-Training

All you need is ...

  • a broadband internet connection.
  • a current Internet-Browser with a Flash Player.
  • a headset or speakers.
  • 1 hour of your precious time.


The Adobe Connect-App for your Tablet or Smartphone is free and available in the following stores:


Included in the price:

  • Participation in Online-Training
  • Recording of Online-Training
  • Presentation as PDF
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