You are one of approximately 1,500 CLS-certified lubrication professionals around the world who not only keep an eye on the lubricant, but also always use it to extend your machine life, improve productivity and save money?

Then you should know that the validity of your CLS certificate by the STLE is limited to 3 years.

However, you will not have to re-sit the written exam for the Certified Lubrication Specialist if you meet at least four out of 14 conditions!

We are happy to assist you with the CLS renewal service when updating your CLS certification.

Included services

For only 59.- € plus VAT, you will receive the complete CLS extension package

  • Template for the confirmation letter from your employer about your continuous work in the areas of lubrication, tribology, lubricant technology.
  • Signed letter of confirmation from a CLS certified person on your ongoing activities in the areas of lubrication, tribology, lubricant technology
  • List of participants of the CLS course you completed
  • Your participation confirmations to all OilDoc training events since your CLS certification as PDF
  • If you were a speaker at the OilDoc Conference or an OilDoc Symposium, you will also receive a confirmation as a PDF
  • Template for your e-mail cover letter to the STLE.

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