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Rüdiger Krethe, Dipl.-Ing.
General manager OilDoc GmbH

For more than 15 years Rüdiger Krethe (CLS | OMA I | MLA II | MLE) commented lubricant analyses results and adviced customers on the use of lab reports for proactive maintenance. Since 2011 he is general manager of the OilDoc GmbH. As trainer with IHK-Certificate he gives internal and external training courses and consulting services.

Tribology and lubrication technology have been the major fields of his studies. During several years Rüdiger Krethe has been a leading Mechanical Engineer of the technical service of a mineral oil company. He is an expert technician for lubricants and gears for industrial applications, greases and circular lubrication as in paper machines, turbines, turbo compressors and refrigeration compressors.

Petra Bots, General manager OilDoc GmbH

Petra Bots
General manager OilDoc GmbH

Since 2013 Petra Bots is general manager of the OilDoc GmbH. As skilled media designer and project manager her main focus is the marketing, press work, design of seminar material and communication with our customers.

She likes to answer your questions regarding sponsoring, presentations, participation and organisation of the OilDoc Conference and OilDoc training courses.

Do not hesitate to contact her personally!

Call +49 8034-9047-132 or email to

Bastian Gürth

Bastian Gürth
OilDoc GmbH

Bastian Gürth is your contact for all themes around the organisation of the OilDoc Conference and Exhibition!

He likes to answer your questions regarding registration, exhibition, hotel booking, sponsoring and much more.

Call +49 8034/9047-125

Julia Stadler
OilDoc GmbH

Julia Stadler is your competent contact persons at OilDoc regarding all your questions on our seminars and symposia.

She is happy to help you with all questions concerning registration, hotel booking, travel and much more.

Do not hesitate to contact her personally!

Call +49 8034-9047-118

Peter Weismann, Dipl.-Ing.
Technical advisor

In 1991 Peter Weismann and his spouse Barbara Weismann founded the OELCHECK GmbH under the name of WEARCHECK. He is the company’s Technical Director and performs as independent witness. Additional to this his main objective is the transfer of his highly specialised knowledge of lubrication, oil analysis and tribology.

As a Mechanical Engineer Peter Weismann has been the Technical Director and Sales Manager of an internationally leading manufacturer of high performance lubricants. He is involved in numerous international research projects as e.g. for online sensors and plays an active role on standardisation groups and lubricant committees.

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