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OilDoc Workshop at Lubricant Expo
MLA/MLT I: Lubrication & Oil Analyses

CLS Certification Course in Brannenburg, Germany

Our next training "Lubrication for experts" (CLS preparation course) at the OilDoc Academy in Brannenburg/Germany (approx. 50 miles from Munich) is planned for 2025.

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Certification Courses

The functionality, safety and Efficiency of machines and plants is highly dependent on the correct usage of lubricants. For this reason lubricants play an increasing role in maintenance concepets.

How and where can someone working in maintenance acquire the necessary lubrication knowledge?

A classical and uniform schooling does often not exist in most countries. Especially practical insights about lubricants and their usage are not tought at most vocational schools.

This is different in the USA: Here, since many years several official certifications are well established. For example the Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) or the Machinery Lubrication Analyst (MLA II). Both are internationally approved and recognized. Also in Europe these certifications gain of importance throughout the industry.

Since 2012 OilDoc offer prepartional courses for the official certification exams. 



Basics and best practice for professional lubrication

The qualification for beginners and practitioners

Qualification to become "Professional Lubricant Consultant"(m/f)"
in four modules (can also be booked spearately).

Our new qualification series conveys you the necessary basic and practical knowledge to be able to select lubricants in accordance to its area of application. You learn to read and interpret the numbers, technical hints and specifications on technical data sheets and become able to use the securely in your day-to-day Business.

Due to the modular set-up you can start at any time during the qualification series. After finalizing all four modules, you receive a high-class certificate and receive the permission to use the official logo "Professional Lubrication Consultant".

Module 1
Fundamentals of Lubrication Part I

Module 2
Fundamentals of Lubrication Part II

Module 3
Professionell Lubrication Management

Module 4
Professionell handling of practical problems and complaints

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