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OilDoc is one of the leading providers of seminars, in-house training programs, online-trainings and individual advice regarding efficient applications of lubricants, wear & oil control, tribology and lubricant analytics.

The OilDoc GmbH emerged as a spin-off of the OELCHECK GmbH (formerly WEARCHECK GmbH).

OilDoc CEO's Rügiger Krethe & Petra Bots

The OilDoc CEO Dipl.-Ing. Rüdiger Krethe is an experienced engineer who worked for more than 15 years for OELCHECK. CEO Petra Bots is the expert for all topics around organisational issues and marketing.

Passing on knowledge is OilDoc's top priority. Experts from almost all different areas of the industry benefit from the training courses, workshops and symposia hosted by the OilDoc Academy in Brannenburg, Upper Bavaria. Moreover, OilDoc arranges special in-house training programs which take place directly at the client's preferred venue.

Since 2012 OilDoc offers certification courses, which got developed as preparational courses for the internationally recognized certifications "Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS)" by the STLE and the "Machinery Lubrication Analyst (MLAII)" by ICML.  

With the bi-annually held OilDoc Conference and Exhibition, which took place for the first time in February 2011, the company provides a trend-setting platform to deal with topics like lubrication, maintenance and tribology. Providing expert assessments and an individual troubleshooting service is, of course, also part of the OilDoc portfolio.

Since 2011 the OilDoc GmbH is
certified according to DIN ISO 29990.

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