Speakers of the OilDoc-Academy

Rüdiger Krethe, Dipl.-Ing. – OilDoc GmbH

Rüdiger Krethe is managing director of the OilDoc GmbH. After his studies of mechanical engineering and tribotechnology he has been working in the industrial lubricant division of a mineral oil company. Until 2010 he was head of diagnostician team of OELCHECK laboratory.

As trainer IHK certified trainer he gives internal and external training courses about tribology, lubricants and oil analysis for more than 20 years. He is a “Certified Lubrication Specialist” (CLS) of STLE and “Machine Lubricant Analyst II” of ICML.

Norman Rohrwick, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) – OilDoc GmbH

Norman Rohrwick

Norman Rohrwick is a permanent lecturer at the OilDoc Academy. His main focus is the organization and holding of seminars and trainings in the fields of engine and transmission oils.

As a former technical officer on board navy-ships, he was able to lay the foundations for his later activities in the area of condition monitoring and damage analysis of marine propulsion systems. In addition to the establishment of programs for condition monitoring by means of online vibration monitoring, he devoted himself to the optimization of fuel monitoring in a laboratory. As part of his master thesis, he assessed the performance of online oil-sensors and the possibilities of data evaluation using multivariate methods.

Carsten Heine – OELCHECK GmbH

Carsten Heine comments analyses results. In addition he answers special tribological customer requests and also supports the OELCHECK training courses.

As mechanical engineer he worked many years in the technical distribution of a well-known mineral oil company. Before he joined OELCHECK he was several years at UNITI, among others also as manager of the technical service.

Steffen Bots, MBA & Eng. – OELCHECK GmbH

Steffen Bots is the head of the OELCHECK Service & Sales Team.

Already during his studies at the advanced technical college in Rosenheim Steffen Bots worked at OELCHECK and wrote his diploma thesis here. Since 2005 he is working at OELCHECK and is a well-known expert in the lubrication industry.

Dr. Thomas Fischer – OELCHECK GmbH

Dr. Thomas Fischer is the scientific director of OELCHECK. He is responsible to make sure that our over 75 laboratory devices run smoothly and to ensure a steady workflow. Furthermore his tasks are the continuous enhancement of analysis-techniques.

At our seminars he will show you the analytical possibilities regarding lubrication-analyses by means of theoretical principles and know-how which he has acquired during his work for a nuclear research center.

Peter Weismann, Dipl.-Ing. – OELCHECK GmbH

In 1991 Peter Weismann founded the OELCHECK GmbH. As head of the technical service he makes diagnoses and comments analyses results. He also works as independent consultant, gives information about oil and analyses and explains the coherence between lubricants and machines.

See also: www.tribology-consulting.com

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