Coolants – the underestimated operating fluid

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The trend towards higher power densities of modern systems requires more and more specific supplies and does not stop at refrigerants.

Coolants of an application or a special system are being tailored more and more often. Nevertheless,  there is often uncertainty in the handling of coolants in practice: How does the wrong coolant effect the machine? What influence does the used water quality have? What happens if you mix different coolants?

In this one-day seminar, these questions will be answered and the coolant as operating fluid will be discussed in more detail. In addition, your speaker Norman Rohrwick will explain how coolant analysis can help improve the reliability of the entire system.

Furthermore, the seminar gives you an insight into the function and development of modern coolants. It is aimed at plant manufacturers and users and shows the problematic and solution approaches in the formulation and application of coolants.

After this seminar you ...

  • know typical properties of coolants
  • know the difference between IAT, OAT or hybrid
  • can choose the right coolant for your plant
  • monitor coolant in use effectively
  • set reasonable coolant change intervals
  • avoid damage to the equipment and reduce operating costs

Target group

Designers, operators, maintenance and service staff  from the areas

  • automotive (cars / trucks, agriculture and forestry, construction machinery)
  • railroad
  • ship
  • Stationary motors
  • Wind turbines

Seminar contents

  • The construction of coolants

    • The water (power water, partially / fully softened, osmosis water, masked water)
    • Antifreeze (monoethylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, glycerine)
    • The additives (corrosion protection, antioxidants, cavitation protection ...)

  • Interpret laboratory analyzes

    • Recognize different technologies on the lab report
    • Typical signs of aging
    • Limits and other change criteria

  • Laboratory methods for coolant analysis (refractive index, density, ICP, ...)
  • Aging of coolants

    • Additive degradation
    • Glycol degradation

  • Different technologies

    • Inorganic acids
    • Organic acids
    • Hybrid

  • Detect damage to early equipment

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