Online Oil Sensors – A Practical Seminar

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2-day seminar
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Online sensors for lubricants are constantly being further developed. The latest generation has sufficient accuracy to be able to display the oil and plant condition transparently. However, with test results from an oil analysis laboratory, they can only compete to a limited extent. But they do not have to ...

The advantage of the online oil sensors lies in the permanent data recording, whereby even the slightest trend increases can be discovered. But which sensor is suitable for which system? Do all sensors work with every type of oil? How can the generated data be processed, visualized and evaluated?

These and many other questions will be answered during the two-day seminar "Online Oil Sensors". In addition to the lubricant basics and their typical aging mechanisms as part of their use in the plant, different sensor types are presented in detail.

Furthermore, possibilities for data processing and evaluation are shown in order to be able to filter as much information as possible from the collected data. The focus is on multivariate data analysis and how it can be processed with "standard software", such as MS Excel as well as advanced software tools.

The seminar is aimed at plant manufacturers, operators as well as maintenance personnel who are planning or already practicing the use of oil online sensors for condition monitoring of their plants.


Basics of lubricant monitoring

  • Presentation of different maintenance concepts and methods of condition monitoring
  • Different lubricants for different applications
  • Basics of lubricant aging
  • Oil analyzes – investigation methods and evaluation of results

Online oil sensors

  • Overview of existing technologies
  • Oil sensors in detail

Data analysis

  • Multivariant data analysis – an introduction
  • Evaluation of IR spectra
  • Evaluation of Online Data (Visualizationm Modeling)

Online sensors and laboratory analyzes - how does it fit together?

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