Engine oil consumption – dependent on the engine oil in use?

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Engine oil consumption – dependent on the engine oil in use?
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From time to time the diagnosis engineers of OELCHECK are asked the question:

"Since the change to another engine oil the oil consumption increased massively. How can that be?"

In reality, it is very often recognized that after a change to another product, the oil consumption decreases or increases. 

Quite often the "human factor" has to be taken into consideration. However, there are indeed oil specific factors that influence the "oil dependent oil consumption" and lead in the result to the above mentioned experiences.

The well-known and in the specifications demanded test for evaporation loss (Noack) does not always provide a satisfiying answer to this question.


  • What influences the oil consumption in an engine?
  • Which influence does the engine oil have on the oil consumption?
  • How helpful is the result about the evaporation loss (Noack test)?
  • Can one compare the quality of oils with the help of a Noack evaporation loss test?
  • Can a user compare the oil consumption by checking the specifications or technical documentation of different oils?

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