Coolants as a machine element

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Module 1 - Basics
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Module 2 – Coolant analyzes - why & how?
Appointment upon request! Live Online-Training 95,00 € + VAT Contact Us!

Coolants have to fulfill two main tasks:

First, they act as corrosion protection to protect metallic components in the cooling circuit from the harmful effects of oxygen. Second, their main task is cooling.

For the latter is water is very suitable, but especially at high temperatures it brings significant disadvantages.

Therefore, steadily improved additive packages have been developed and used. In some cases, this has led to products that perform excellently in special applications, but can lead to premature machine failures in some materials.

Within the framework of the 2-module online training "Coolant as Machine Element", the properties of different coolant formulations are highlighted.

For which area of ??application have you been optimized? And what can be the consequences if coolant recommendations are not adhered to?

Furthermore, the question is clarified whether the time of use of refrigerants is limited and how a deterioration of the coolant condition can be analyzed.

  • The coolant as a heat transfer medium - history, tasks & requirements
  • Various Coolant Technologies & Coolant Construction
  • Silicate, OAT, Hybrid & Co.
  • Labeling of coolants
  • The coolant in use
    - Does my coolant age?
    - When is the right time to change?
  • Coolant monitoring in practice
  • A fundamental decision – ready mix or concentrate?
  • Typical damage in cooling systems and their causes
  • Release tests for coolant
  • Interpret and understand coolant analysis

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