Practical oil condition monitoring using infrared spectroscopy

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Module 1: Base oils & new fluids     new appointments are currently set
Module 2: Conventional and new test methods     new appointments are currently set
Module 3: Additive detection and monitoring     new appointments are currently set
Modul 4: Lubricating greases and FT-IR     new appointments are currently set

No other method established in used oil monitoring can detect oil ageing in its variety and complexity as well as infrared spectroscopy.

FT-IR spectroscopy provides a lot of useful information reliable and in a very short time: It detects contaminants such as water, soot, antifreeze glycol, oil oxidation, nitration, the consumption of typical oil additives or evaluates the match of different fresh oils and oil mixtures.

The online series consisting of 4 modules, which can also be booked separately, demonstrates how to apply FT-IR spectroscopy in practice. Based on the standardized methods and a large number of practical examples the trainer demonstrates how FT-IR spectroscopy can be used far beyond that to identify and monitor hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and greases. Furthermore, it is always explained how to consider the specific conditions and what basic rules must be observed in order to obtain reliable statements.

  • Short introduction: Test principle and device types
  • Identification of base oil types by examples
  • New fluids from different applications in focus
  • Oxidation acc. to  DIN and ASTM
  • New oxidation test method for industrial lubricants and hydraulic fluids
  • Nitration (Nitro-Oxidation)
  • Thermal degradation
  • Bio-fuel detection
  • Water and glycol (antifreeze)
  • Examples from daily routine
  • Additives in different new oil types
    - Antioxidants
    - AW / EP
    - Detergents / Dispersants
    - VI modifier
  • Monitoring additive depletion
  • Examples from daily routine
  • Device types
  • Identification of thickener systems
  • Additive and base oils in greases
  • Examples from daily routine

Preconditions for the OilDoc Online-Training

All you need is ...

  • a broadband internet connection.
  • a current Internet-Browser with a Flash Player.
  • a headset or speakers.
  • 1 hour of your precious time.


The Adobe Connect-App for your Tablet or Smartphone is free and available in the following stores:


Included in the price:

  • Participation in Online-Training
  • Recording of Online-Training
  • Presentation as PDF
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