Lubrication – fundamentals and practices

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Basics of lubricant application I (3 days)
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Basics of lubricant application II (2 days)
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Compact basic knowledge for lubricant users

Lubricants have a significant impact on the reliability, performance, and effectiveness of operating vehicles, work machines or complex industrial equipment. The ever-increasing performance of the machines is accompanied by a growing number of highly specialized high-performance lubricants and functional fluids. Their correct selection, handling and care constantly presents new challenges to the technical staff of the oil companies, service providers and plant operators.

In two modules, we provide you with the necessary basic and practical knowledge to select lubricants for your application. You will learn to understand the application notes, specifications and technical data listed on the technical data sheets and can then apply them safely in practice.

The two seminar modules thus cover the basic knowledge of the largest and most important areas of mineral oil application technology. A special focus is on the customer or user focus.

  • How lubrication works
  • Why so many different lubricants
  • Mineral oils, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic basic fluids
  • Meaning and principle of the use of additives
  • Meaning and application of characteristic values
  • What the technical data sheet reveals
  • Transmission oils in industry and in the vehicle
  • Hydraulic fluids (conventional, bio, flame retardant)
  • Practical purity requirements
  • Lubricating oils for diesel and gas engines
  • Lubricants for the food industry
  • Storage and handling of lubricants
  • Base oils II
  • Turbine oils
  • Compressor oils for air, gas and refrigerant compressors
  • Lubricating oils for paper machines
  • Gas engines
  • Insulating, Heat transfer oils
  • Greases
  • Bearing lubrication
  • Oil monitoring during operation

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