Oil can talk. Learn to understand its message!

Profit from the OilDoc conferences, seminars, workshops, online and intense trainings as well as continuous education courses and learn everything about (machinery) lubrication, lubricants, greases, wear, condition monitoring, maintenance, tribology and oil analysis!

At the OilDoc Academy in Brannenburg (close to Munich) you learn everything about the efficient usage and application of lubricants, how to reduce wear, tribology and oil analysis!

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The operability, reliability, safety and efficiency of machines, plants and industrial sites depend to a high degree on the used lubricants. For this reason, the right lubricants and therefore the right lubrication is of major importance in maintenance concepts and procedures. But how and where can someone working in this field acquire the necessary knowledge about oil and lubricants? Practical knowledge about lubricants and their correct usage is often not taught at professional colleges or universities of applied sciences.

Since 1996 OilDoc academy, as a spin-off of OELCHECK GmbH, offers application-oriented education and advanced training for people working in the field of maintenance with various focuses. No matter if public seminars, training, courses, Online-Training (webinars), workshops, qualifiying certificate courses for CLS or MLAII or individual training for inhouse seminars at companies – the competent speakers and experts next to Rüdiger Krethe mediate their solution-oriented and up-to-date expert knowledge about lubrication, pro-active maintenance, condition monitoring and oil analysis.

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