The perfect online-course for anyone who wants to gain a comprehensive and practical overview of lubrication, proactive maintenance, lubricants and oil analysis while also preparing optimally for the MLA or MLT Level I certification exam by the ICML.

Learn at your own pace – get certified whenever you're ready!

  • 20+ hours of video material in 70+ video clips – specially produced for this course
  • Presentation slides available for download as PDF + useful exercises, tables and graphs.
  • 20 content modules - each ending up with a knowledge test for self control
  • Flexible video calls with your trainers to discuss open questions.

What is waiting for you?

Why machines fail
Failures and lubrication
Mechanism, severity level and detection
Maintenance strategies
Pro-active approach
How lubrication works
Base oils & additives
General selection rules
Oil or grease
Bearings, gears, engines…
Storage & handling
Oil Analyses
Oil Analyses
Strategy & Sampling
Oil condition monitoring
Wear debris control
Contamination control
Test scopes


Machinery Lubricant Analyst (MLA I)
Machinery Lubricant Analyst (MLA I)
Machinery Lubrication Technician (MLT I)
Machinery Lubrication Technician (MLT I)


The official online exams are conducted by the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) and can be taken in a private room in your residence or a private space where you are alone in the room.

You apply and pay for the exam with ICML and then will be directed to the online testing platform to establish a customer profile and confirm a time/date for the exam session. At the scheduled time/date, the candidate will log back into the online platform to take the exam, which will be monitored by a live, remote proctor.

Make the most of your Training with ICML Certification!

Your chances of passing the MLA exam are greater if you take it as soon as possible after our OilDoc Certification Course!

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