Basics and best practice for professional lubrication

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Module 1: Fundamentals of Lubrication part I (3 days)
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Module 2: Fundamentals of Lubrication part II (2 days)
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Module 3: Professional Lubrication Management (2 days)
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Module 4: Professional handling of practical problems and complaints (2 days)
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What is special about this training?

  • Substantiated and participant oriented imparted knowledge of the basics for application technology of lubricants as well as the for professional lubrication consultats important know-how.
  • Due to the modular set-up tunable to the individual field of activity and state of knowledge.
  • Highly related to practical tasks and numerous, current cases that reflect the Situation on the market.
  • At the same time appropriate as a basic Training, but also as update and complement for experienced workers.
  • Speakers that are very experienced in the areas mechanical engineering, lubricants and application engineering as well as in professional knowledge transfer.

Lubricants have a crucial impact on the reliability, capability and efficiency of complex industrial sites, machines and vehicles. With the continuously increasing capabilty of machines also an increased amount of highly specialized high-Performance lubricants and functional fluids are developed. Their correct selection, handling and maintenance becomes more and more complex and technical staff of mineral oil companies, service providers and technical operating companies has to cope with it. Our training transfers the required basic and functional knowledge to be able to select lubricants accordingly to their area of application. In this training you learn to understand the technical data specifications of lubricants and are afterwards able to apply this knowledge securely in your daily working operations.


Module 1 and 2 include the basic knowledge about the biggest and most important areas of the mineral oil application technology. Already in these first modules we take especially care about a client and user focus.

Module 3 is focused on the practical usage of lubricants and complements the first two basic modules. This is especially relevant for service and maintenance staff, technical sales consultants as well as other users of lubricants that work practical oriented. As our participant you see yourself as a professional consultant of your clients and offer this additional service as a "plus" for your own success.

Module 4 is designed for technical consultants and service personnel who not only have to handle customer complaints and technical failures, but who accapt this as a challenge. This module provides the required set of tools to receive a high acceptance from you clients. Through numerous case studies we make sure to provide the highest degree of practical orientation.


The modular arrangement of this training-series allows an individual adoption on the requirements of your specific tasks and areas of work. In between every module we allow a break of three to six months which provides enough time to reflect course content and to apply it in reality before starting into the next module in order to extend your knowledge even further.
Due to the modular set-up, it is possible to start with this training-series at any time. After finalizing all four modules, you receive a high-class certificate and receive the permission to use the official logo "Professional Lubrication Consultant"

Target Group

  • Sales personell of mineral oil companies working in the office or in the field
  • Technical lubrication consultants and application engineers
  • Service and maintenance personell
  • OEM and component producers
  • Workers from construction and technical dokumentation
  • Service providers in the area of lubriaction, lubricants and tribology


Module 1: 1150 € excl. VAT
Module 2-4: each 760 € excl. VAT
When you book all 4 modules at once you receive a discount of 10%.

Included in the price:

  • Participation in the training
  • Hot lunch at all days in our cafeteria
  • Coffee/Tea and sweet and savoury Snacks during the dreaks
  • Non-alcoholic beverages during the training
  • Training documents (printed and on a USB Flash drive)
  • Certificate of participation and official logo "Professional Lubrication Consultant" (when finalizing all 4 modules)

Fundamentals of Lubrication part I

  • How lubrication works
  • Why so many different lubricants?
  • Mineral oils, partly and full synthetic basic fluids
  • Relevance and priciples of use for additives
  • Relevance and application of parameters
  • What a technical datasheet reveals
  • Gear oils in industry and vehicles
  • Hydraulik fluids (conventionel, biologic, fire resisting)
  • Handy purity claims
  • Lubricating oils for diesel and petrol motors 
  • Lubricants for the food industry
  • Storage and handling of lubricants
  • Professional questioning techniques for Client dialogues: Who asks the right questions leads.

Fundamentals of Lubrication part II

  • Basic oils II
  • Turbine oils
  • Compressor oils for air-, gas. and refrigeran compressors
  • Lubrication oils for paper machines
  • Gas motors
  • Isolating oils
  • Heat carrier oils
  • Greases
  • Rolling bearings lubrication
  • Condition monitoring
  • Sales: How to see lubriants through the eye of a client
  • How to market sythetic oils professionally

Professional Lubrication Management

  • Simplification of lubricant types and lubrication schedules
  • Labeling of lubricants and lube Point
  • Lubricants in documentations and manuals
  • In-house lubricant specifications
  • Oil condition monitoring and QA
  • First time lubrication and oil changes
  • Operating- and initial operation filtration
  • Lubricating oil and seals
  • Sales/Procurement: Collective solutions and systems instead of "naked" products
  • Confident plea handling

Professional handling of practical problems and complaints

  • Complaints as Chance
  • Professional communication in difficult situations
  • Typical damages of rolling bearings, gears and motors
  • Solution sourcing strategies
  • Problem solving and pro-active preventive Actions
  • Miscibility and compatibility of lubricating oils
  • Increased foam formation
  • Cavitation and diesel effect
  • Varnish, sediments and filter blockades
  • Turbidity and unusual discoloration
  • Case studies

Your trainer:
Rüdiger Krethe, Dipl.-Ing.

OilDoc GmbH –
General manager

As certified trainer Rüdiger Krethe presents professional training courses about tribology, lubricants, lubrication, condition monitoring and oil analysis for more than 25 years. He is a “Certified Lubrication Specialist” (CLS) of STLE, “Machine Lubricant Analyst II” (MLA II) and "Machinery Lubrication Engineer" (MLE) of ICML.

5% discount for more than 3 registrations

Services included:

  • Participation in training
  • Hot lunch on all days
  • Coffee/tea and snacks during breaks
  • Non-alcoholic beverages during training
  • Detailed training material, printed and on USB Memory stick
  • Certificate of participation
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